Joline is a Fellow of the David and Elaine Potter Foundation and holds a Masters degree in Historical Studies with distinction from the University of Cape Town.

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Her area of speciality is Simon’s Town and she is an editor and senior researcher at South African History Online.


Portrait of South African artist and activist Ayanda Mabulu, photographed in Du Noon, Cape Town - 2013

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Fashion designer Thula Sindi

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Fashion designer Thula Sindi


Director of the film 'OF Good Report', Jahmil XT Qubeka, at the Durban International Film Festival. The film was banned by the South African Film and Publications Board - the movie has since been unbanned.

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Portrait of award winning Swedish photographer Per-Anders Pettersson.

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Khoisan Chief Hennie van Wyk

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Khoisan Chief Hennie van Wyk


Ras Ramon Benjahman Adams

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Ras Ramon Benjahman Adams


Lauryn Hill in Cape Town

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Lauryn Hill is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer and actress.


Ejvind Nørgård is a Danish sword smith.

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Ejvind forge large swords and weapons from the Middle and Viking Ages


Cape Town rapper MC Pote at his house in Fisanterkraal.

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Link to the full article -


Robin Hammond, freelance photojournalist

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Robin is a freelance photojournalist. He has become best known for his work on human rights and environmental issues. Originally from New Zealand, he has been commissioned to make photos in over 50 countries.


Zakes Bantwini at Black Dog Studios in Cape Town, 2013.

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Portrait of the Capetonian MC Youngsta, 2013

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Dentist Ryan Muller - interviewed for an article about the South African dentist fashion known as the 'passion gap'.

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Cape Town comedian Rustum August

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Cape Town comedian Rustum August


Ashley Adriaans, Director at Adriaans Attorneys

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Ashley Adriaans, Director at Adriaans Attorneys


Allan Boesak

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Reverend Allan Aubrey Boesak is a South African Dutch Reformed Church cleric and politician and anti-apartheid activist.


Comedian Piet Potgieter

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Piet Potgieter is a comedian from Kraaifontein. Performing as headline act at the Zula Bar Comedy Night I decided to photograph Piet before going on stage.


Cape Town comedian, Kurt Langeveld

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Cape Town comedian, Kurt Langeveld


Assignment to photograph the owner of Rent a Mercedes in Cape Town.

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MC Mingus Mkubukeli

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MC Mingus Mkubukeli


Portrait of the South African producer, DJ and writer Montle Moorosi aka Big Space

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Fisherman Ederies Samuels

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The fishing community on the slopes of the Hout Bay Mountains, Karbonkelberg, overlooks the harbour which provides them with fresh fish and a sustainable income. The fishing harbour of Hout bay is busy and has a succesful tuna, snoek and crayfish industry. For the smaller scale fishermen such as Ederies Samuels, it is difficult to compete with the commercial fishermen. Especially winter is a tough season with little income because of the rougher sea. It was the middle of Ramadhaan when I came on my second visit. The smell of food and different deserts welcomed me as well as the family’s hospitality. Fishing today is still a dangerous job and there is no guarantee that the fisherman will catch anything when venturing out on the sea. Plus restrictions on tuna, snoek and crayfish has made good days of fishing less profiting. There is though a drive to keep fishing in order to provide for the family.


Traveller on the Gautrain in Johannesburg

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Travelling from the O.R. Tambo International to pretoria.


Brendan "Bee" Adams, musician.

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Brendan "Bee" Adams, musician.